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Mariana concept game

A game concept based on my personal project 'Mariana'. This was done as part of the 'Immersive Arts Bootcamp' held at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) in a timescale of 2 weeks as a result, it's only a proof of concept and not a finished product while learning the basics of Unity and Blender.

Game Story: Brother and sister (Azuki and Pearl) are exploring the crystal beaches of Verona. Pearl lags behind and loses sight of Azuki. Controlling Pearl, the player has to find Azuki again, but surely there is time to explore the beach more, right?

Game controls can be found on the game page in the description.


Animation: Panic Room

A 2D animated project, using keyframing and frame-by-frame using Clip Studio Paint EX to tell the tragic story of my character, the Crown Prince Sparrow of Avis. 

Sparrow lives a nightmare. The sole heir of Avis grows up under the thumb of his evil dictator of a father, Emperor Hawk; he is separated from his beloved mother, Cygini after Hawk divorces her for failing to produce more sons. Sparrow is isolated in a gilded cage. Later Sparrow marries the love of his life, Princess Holly Blue of Mariposa ultimately wants to make peace between the two warring kingdoms. 

But Hawk has a hand in Holly's death in the final stages of her first pregnancy with Sparrow's firstborn son, Wren. Sparrow drowns in grief over the loss of his wife and son. With the kingdom of Avis being so toxic can it ever be purified? Or will it all go up in flames?

Interconnected Webcomic

A webcomic created back in 2019 exploring the different points of view at the Loka Royal Court in the World of Mariana. 

The comic was a personal experiment with the Webtoon scrolling format, being able to do compelling panel compositions for it as well as the use of different mediums all in one! This project was meant to challenge me artistically.

First started in watercolour the comic is now produced digitally in full. The project is currently on an indefinite hiatus due to other commitments and projects.

Images are panel and composition examples, for story context read the comic on Webtoon.

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