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Hello! I’m Zoë Marriner, a character and concept artist from the Midlands, UK.


My work has a lot of character to it, it focuses on expressive characters giving them personality, because of this my work ends up being very narratively driven since I believe that character interaction aids story progression. My work is known for its bold graphic line work, atmospheric colours and a ton of details!


I enjoy working in a lot of different mediums; traditional mediums I love the most are watercolour, ink and gouache as well as enjoying digital painting and illustration.


In my free time, I produce YouTube videos around my passion for art, exploring, experimenting and creating in many different areas of art and illustration. 

I'm also the creator, artist and writer of the webcomic 'Interconnected' on Webtoon.

*PLEASE NOTE:  The CV on this website is not a formal CV

If you are a potential employer you can request the formal version by email:


  • Strong traditional illustration skills

  • Digital painting

  • Can work well in a team

  • Creating engaging and expressive characters

  • Social media building


I can use drawing tablets with ease, I currently use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and on the go, I use a regular Wacom Intuos small tablet.


  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

  • Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator

  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign

  • Good knowledge experience of Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro

  • Can work well in Autodesk Sketchbook ProClip Studio Paint Pro and Paint Tool Sai



2:2 BA Hons in Illustration

 D*DD National Diploma in Graphic Design



The Kelly’s Kitchen, Chalkola, Arteza, 

Amino Apps, XP-Pen and Zieler.

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